To (Tie)-Dye For!

Hello! We tried this easy tie-dye project, and the results were fantastic! My kid is loving it, AND she will have a cute piece to remind us of this time together at home. #coronaclassof2020 ❤️ Step-by-Step Instructions: *Find an old garment you're willing to jazz-up! *Tie-off sections of the garment, and then place in bathtub. *Drizzle toilet bowl cleanser (with bleach) over garment and let sit for 1-2 hours. *Remove rubberbands and place garment in cold water wash. Tumble dry.…
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Hey, Mister! My kid is in the car!

1. We were on the expressway. 2. My kid was watching him FB as he drove next to us.  3. The Good News: She was off her phone talking to me. Please stay off social media while driving. Please? My kid is in the car. ❤️ Truly-Mrs. Parker    
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