IMG_0518“Teaching etiquette…isn’t just about which fork to use,” says Cindy Post Senning, Ed.D., co-author of many etiquette books for both adults and children, “…it is even more important to understand that etiquette’s principles are necessary for building good relationships and for getting along well with others.”

Mrs. Parker’s Charm School has taken the Emily Post philosophy and built a course of study around it to give children a basis for making their way in the world with a “please”, a “thank you,” and the consideration and respect for others that sometimes seem forgotten with our busy schedules and myriad obligations. With Emily Post certified instructor Kymberli Parker, students learn that the principles of honesty and dignity underlie good manners, and we build from there.

Scheduled courses are available, or we can work with you to create in-home private lessons. We are happy to work with a range of ages.

  • Formal Dining and Table Manners
  • Technology Tips and Telephone Etiquette
  • Mrs. Parker’s Signature Seven-Line Thank You Note
  • Visiting
  • Correspondence
  • Public Places
  • …and more!