To (Tie)-Dye For!

Hello! We tried this easy tie-dye project, and the results were fantastic! My kid is loving it, AND she will have a cute piece to remind us of this time together at home. #coronaclassof2020 ❤️ Step-by-Step Instructions: *Find an old garment you're willing to jazz-up! *Tie-off sections of the garment, and then place in bathtub. *Drizzle toilet bowl cleanser (with bleach) over garment and let sit for 1-2 hours. *Remove rubberbands and place garment in cold water wash. Tumble dry.…
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What’s for dinner?

If you're anything like me, just reading the title of this post gives you anxiety! The dreaded question that haunts the single and married, girlfriends and boyfriends, wives and husbands, hostesses and hosts, and moms and dads...it just haunts! I may have a little help for you that has completely transformed my dinner game and has alleviated the stress that comes with wondering 'WHAT'S FOR DINNER?' A little system I devised years ago (Mackenzie was 4, and Madison was 5)…
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Thread Count and Linens

Hello Charmers! When choosing bedding, I am ALWAYS going with white. Crazy, right? The maintenance, the upkeep, the “trying to be careful,” all reasons to deter one from investing in an all-white look. I’ve had white bedding since my kiddos were tiny, and as wild as it sounds, I can’t go back to anything else. Before I let you in on why I prefer with all white bedding, I want to educate you on thread count and a few other…
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