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I am a HUGE fan of making lists! The sense of crossing things off and figuring out how to get things on the list completed, really gets me going! In the past, the family used Wunderlist to accomplish anything from birthday lists to market lists, from wish lists to mall lists, school lists, and more... Wunderlist has wrapped-up and move to Microsoft "To Do." I'm loving this app as it has all the features that Wunderlist had and more. My…
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Setting the Table!

The second thing I taught my kiddos, right after we learned ‘magic words,’ was how to set the table. I’ve put together a cute little tutorial that’s easy to follow along, and explains all the components. You’ll need a few things to get started, but rest assured the breakdown is so easy you’ll all be able to memorize everything! I’m hoping you enjoy the video, and please send me photos of your little setting the table. xx Mrs. P. 🍽🍴…
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