Thread Count and Linens

Hello Charmers!

When choosing bedding, I am ALWAYS going with white. Crazy, right? The maintenance, the upkeep, the “trying to be careful,” all reasons to deter one from investing in an all-white look. I’ve had white bedding since my kiddos were tiny, and as wild as it sounds, I can’t go back to anything else.

Before I let you in on why I prefer with all white bedding, I want to educate you on thread count and a few other key components on bedding.

*Thread count relates to the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Typically 200 to 1000+.

*Higher thread counts will usually yield a softer sheet.

*Higher thread counts will typically wear longer, and have less pilling, than lower thread count sheets.

*Don’t be fooled…material matters! At times, lower thread count bedding with better quality material will feel softer.

I have always chosen 800-1200 Egyptian cotton white sheets and comforters as to make my home feel as hotel-like as possible! THERE! My secret is out! There is something about showering before bed, moisturizing, then slipping into my all-white set-up that brings me back to luxury hotel stays. The relaxed nature of being on holiday, sunning or snowboarding all day, coming “home” to relax for dinner, then showering and sliding into bed with a good book or show is really the height of relaxation for me. My white bedding helps get me to this place!

Having a white It has also transferred to my children. They too enjoy snuggling in my bed with their books, or for a movie. I might add that when we sent our oldest to university, she chose all-white bedding for her dorm room! … “It feels like home, Mom!”

Stay well!

xxMrs. P.