I’m not a blogger, I’m an opinion leader! (Says Mrs. Gavidor!)

Hello to all that know me! For those who do not, I am Mrs. Parker. I’m a fifty-something hotshot from sunny California, and I specialize in etiquette. Yes, manners. Everything from handshakes to houseguests, I’m your lady!

Over the past few years, as with any business, I’ve had to update, refresh, diagnose, and prescribe little changes and tweaks to stay current. I think I have come up with a basic formula (that I can add to!) to help carry me into the future.

A little coffee, a little home, a little beauty, a lot of etiquette—and mostly a safe, fun environment to check in to see how I am living my best life, with the hopes that by visiting you’ll find the encouragement, support, and tips here to do the same.

I’m not a blogger, I’m an opinion leader. (Says Mrs. Gavidor!)

Today is as good a day as any to start. (That is a period at the end of that sentence.)