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Bread and Soup

Break off individual piece of bread, drop into soup, use spoon to push bread around the bowl to absorb the yummy goodness, then "little ship out to sea!" To get the last little bit of soup, tilt bowl away from you and "little ship out to sea!" Rest spoon at 4:00 to signal the server that you are finished. BOOM 💥 XXOO Mme. P ​​
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Today in Tech…

*That's a photo of a group chat. The person receiving the messages has not she's doing homework.❤️*ios10-Keep your eyes peeled today!📱 *Samsung 7 users beware. 🔥 *Instagram will now allow you to monitor offensive comments, by having you create a list of offensive/bothersome words. Anything with those words will be hidden from your timeline. @25park 👍🏾 #yas *Twitter, next week, will stop counting pictures, videos, and other user names against your character count. BOOM! 👊🏾 How is THAT for…
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Bread and Butta’, Baby!

*I just discovered that my Hootsuite wasn't force posting. Please forgive the missing MMM.*Bread! The little plate top-upper left...that's YOUR bread plate! Want to know the lowdown? Here it goes. Place bread on plate. Pick-up knife from bread plate, get butter from dish, then place the butter on the side of your plate. Make sense? If not, I will post a little Instastory to show you. Next, break off an individual piece of bread, butter the bread. Place knife back…
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