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True Story

I had a two hour coffee with a friend on Sunday. Neither of us checked our phones...the entire time. Not to google, snap, peek, check time, or show photos. It was just coffee and giggles. Try it...sooooooo good! ❤️ Truly-Mrs. Parker    
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Two Powerful Words

Saying "I'm sorry" opens up the way for the other three powerful words..."I forgive you."#tistheseason  Truly- Mrs. Parker    
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Rough, Ruff!

Before you comment, please know that I didn't write the article. I'm just here to provide sprigs of information. ❤️Fun Facts: Top topic I'm asked about: DINING Second topic I'm frequently asked about: Animals at restaurants and the mall.  (If you comment, please keep it kind.)  XO Mrs. P.    
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